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The fact that the majority of men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), don't want to seek medical help is a serious problem for doctors all over the world. However, this is especially significant phenomenon in our country, which are often not accepted to come to doctors with problems in intimate sphere. In addition, the psyche of men in the assessment of his sexual performance is extremely vulnerable, and the term "problems in his personal life" often refers to "personal problems", that is those not to discuss with anybody. Meanwhile, modern medicine is able to offer various methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction. One of them is the intake of modern medicines.

Drug therapy

In this case, the treatment of erectile dysfunction is through the use of a number of drugs, which are aimed at a General increase in body tone, blood pressure, restore vitality. Unlike other methods, drug treatment of erectile dysfunction is the most gentle, so it can be recommended to men of different ages and with different severity of disease.

Comprehensive treatment

Comprehensive treatment of erectile dysfunction in men is based on the following principle: any action aimed at improving and restoring any body functions, can become a means for strengthening the male power in the intimate sphere. This is due to the fact that violation of potency often becomes a consequence of global failures in the body, ranging from endocrine disorders to the General aging of the body. Therefore it will be much more effective if the various methods of erectile dysfunction treatment to be used simultaneously, complementing their secondary ways to increase potency.

Treatment of the underlying disease. Treatment of the underlying disease is carried out after thorough diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. Pathology, which leads to the violation of potency may be arterial hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, nervous disorders (e.g., depression), hypercholesterolemia, etc. to return to normal sexual life also undo the drugs used in the treatment of the underlying disease, but impair sexual function. These may include some antihypertensives (thiazide diuretics, calcium channel blockers, etc.), tricyclic antidepressants, antiarrhythmic drugs (digoxin), etc.

Following a healthy lifestyle. For most men one of the basic and complex methods of dealing with erectile dysfunction is a lifestyle change. This path is based on following fundamental principles such as:

The rejection of bad habits. The abuse of alcohol erection occurs late or does not occur at all. Smoking causes high blood pressure, which causes the development of cardiovascular diseases, and those, in turn, is sexual weakness.

Proper nutrition. The main requirement for a food diet — balanced content of the main components. Generally, treating erectile dysfunction, doctors recommend to include in the diet increased the number of fats: they should take 30% of the total nutrients. Useful sensible consumption of tea and coffee that contain caffeine: this substance increases the tone of the male body and has beneficial effects on sexual activity. Treatment of erectile dysfunction will be more efficient if your daily diet to include food with vitamin E that restores the muscle, endocrine and reproductive systems. Proper nutrition is the key to maintaining a normal body weight. Otherwise, the extra weight may cause the development of diabetes and its consequences — erectile dysfunction.

The adherence of the day. To fully recover, a person needs at least 9-10 hours of sleep a night. At the same time to go to sleep until 12 midnight. A perfect recipe for the prevention of erectile dysfunction are Hiking in the fresh air before bedtime.

Regular sexual life. Men of any age should be the pursuit of regular sexual life. Seeking to normalize sexual relations, should avoid too frequent changes of partners and a large number sexual acts and to withdraw from long-term abstinence.