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Smoking is one of the most pernicious habits of humanity, bringing irreparable harm to the health destroying organisms and can cause cancer. Christopher Columbus, who brought back from my trip tobacco, could not think that his actions would be a huge mistake.

Research data

A group of American researchers concluded that in male smokers with hypertension impotence occurs 26 times more often than non-smokers. Even those who quit Smoking, sexual disorders are 11 times more likely than men who have never smoked.

Researchers Baptist medical center Wake forest University led by Dr. John Spangler was revealed that Smoking "has and acute and chronic effects on the physiology of the cavernous tissue." This means that each smoked cigarette reduced potency. This effect is immediate nature of the action and has the ability to accumulate over time.

Doctor Godfrey Fowler of the University of Oxford claims that about 100 000 male smokers aged 30-50 years suffer from erectile dysfunction. However, he notes that the majority of men refuses to recognize the connection between addiction and health problems.

How Smoking affects the potency

When tightening tobacco smoke carbon monoxide emitted from it, holds oxygen. This is the clogging of the vessels, and especially in this case affected the small blood vessels of the penis. Blood flow to the genitals is reduced, accordingly, the erection weakens. In addition, tobacco contains various poisons that have a negative impact on the production of sex hormones. As a result of their actions the man is dropping his "libido" (no desire to have sex). Smokers not only reduces the erection, but also disrupted the production of seminal fluid, and sperm lose their mobility and become unable to fertilize eggs. Also for the development of erectile dysfunction, and infertility affects the experience of the smoker. The earlier a man started to smoke, more likely, the sharper and his manifest sexual disorders.

How to deal with erectile dysfunction

First of all, you need to clearly realize the extent of the negative effects of Smoking on potency. Experts say that the first and main step of fighting "Niacin erectile dysfunction" is the rejection of harmful habits. Studies prove that abstinence from Smoking for 5-7 hours before sexual intercourse, the potency increases. But in advanced cases the treatment of erectile dysfunction is not confined to only one quitting cigarettes, but is it a necessary condition.