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The progress of humanity is reflected not only in the creation of useful things for life, but also those that bring significant harm. Food manufacturers often chase reduce costs and increase revenues, forgetting about the quality of our products. Russian and foreign researchers have identified a group of products that affect health, including lead to impotence in men.

Sweet fizzy drinks. Sweet in carbonated beverages is the mixture of large amounts of sugar, gases and various chemicals. Some manufacturers add aspartame (E951) and sodium benzoate, which affect the mental state of the person, and also can be cause of diseases related to DNA damage.

Chips. Recognized as one of the most harmful products, as are a mixture of fats and carbohydrates, which are coated with a shell of dyes and flavor enhancers. In the process of making chips produces a lot of carcinogens that have destructive effect on blood vessels and respectively the masculine force. They can cause tumors. Hydrogenated fats contribute to increased cholesterol levels in the blood.

Fast food. The fast food (fries, pasties, Shawarma, etc.), generally cooked on the oil used many times. It releases massive amounts of carcinogens.

Sausages and cured meats. These products are the record holders on the content of various chemical additives, flavorings, dyes, preservatives, transgenic soybeans. Smoked meat and fish also rolls the contents of carcinogens and phenolic compounds.

Canned fruits and vegetables. This group does not include canned homemade, with no artificial preservatives. In most cases the consumer does not know where it was grown vegetables and fruits from the store. If they were collected near a highway or plants, they contain a significant dose of benzopyrene, which causes swelling. Artificial preservatives in these foods contain monosodium glutamate, which leads to spasms of blood vessels, including in the groin area.

Confectionery. The margarine used in the preparation of cakes and pastries, is a TRANS fat (the most harmful of its kind). Combined with a huge amount of sugar fat leads to metabolic disorders, excessive weight, atherosclerosis and erectile dysfunction.

Mayonnaise. This product is also saturated with TRANS fats causing high cholesterol levels, there's a huge amount of preservatives, stabilizers and flavor enhancers. Particularly harmful mayonnaise, which is produced in plastic packages.

If a man wants to preserve their sexual health for years to come, you should not tempt fate, we must try as soon as possible to reduce the consumption of these products to a minimum, and ideally to withdraw at least part of them. In food is better to eat natural foods rich in vitamins and minerals.