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Alcoholism is not just a harmful habit, is one of the serious diseases that destroys the psyche, negatively affects the condition of all organs and systems. And, unfortunately, the sexual system is no exception.

Alcohol increases the desire?

There is a widespread belief that alcohol is stimulating, strengthens the erection and prolongs the duration of sexual intercourse. This is the reason for the fascination of many men of alcohol. In the beginning alcohol really increases libido, delays the onset of ejaculation and improves erection. As a result, the man starts to feel like "Superman", it becomes an incentive for further use of alcoholic beverages. At the same time, men have formed a conditioned reflex, according to which before intercourse should drink. However, over time, increased potency and increased libido is replaced by a deterioration in the quality of sexual intercourse and inhibition of sexual function. The man begins to complain of rapid ejaculation, failure of erection, decreased libido.

Pathological changes

Due to the systematic and prolonged use of alcoholic beverages is changed pathologically, the work of the prostate gland, with the result that the patient comes first mild and after some time complete impotence. The cavernous body almost lose the ability to become elastic, filled with blood, which does not allow a man to engage in full sex.


According to official statistics permanent erectile dysfunction observed in 30-50% of patients with alcoholism the first and second stages. Then this sexual dysfunction is added to the reduced feeling during sexual intercourse. Also, this is a violation of the motility of the sperm and the appearance of their modified forms. The most dangerous use of alcoholic beverages at an early age. According to research, young people who began drinking alcohol during adolescence, it becomes almost untenable, as a man, 25 years of life. In the case of developing alcoholism at a later age alcohol has such a detrimental effect on the reproductive sphere of men. However, the identity of such patients changes (flattens) with the prevalence of the baser emotions, primitive plants.


Erectile dysfunction in 95% of cases can be easily eliminated with the help of medication. However, only 10% of men suffering from disorders in the genital area, seek treatment to the doctor. For most, sexuality is a very sensitive topic. As a result, men suffering from lack of erection, trying to hide the problem or to explain it by any external factors.