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Spontaneous erection

Called spontaneous erection, which occurs spontaneously with no apparent incentive for the start of sexual intercourse, outside of an erotic situation. This erection can be of varying strength, however, it never reaches the maximum level, sufficient for sexual intercourse. Everyone, without exception, men have been cases of spontaneous erections. Often, it happens in the daytime, and in some cases may be clearly visible, which causes confusion and cause much inconvenience.

Spontaneous erection – is this normal?

All doctors in one voice say, spontaneous erection is normal. It appears in men of almost all ages and speaks of good health of the reproductive system. Thus in adolescence (during puberty) spontaneous erections occur much more often due to the large amount of male hormones. According to experts spontaneous erection is useful for the body. So, when the penis is in a relaxed neeregirovannom condition, new arterial blood that fills it during excitation, practically does not arrive. Spontaneous erection in this case prevents hypoxia.

Causes spontaneous erections

Occurs spontaneous erection, usually without the participation of consciousness, often during sleep. This may be caused by an overflow of the rectum, bladder, seminal vesicles. Also, a particular reason may be absent. The average male is 5-6 erections every night. If the quality of nocturnal erections decreased costs to go to the doctor to check the condition and learn how to improve potency.

Ways of dealing

Nocturnal erections usually does not cause any discomfort, many men do not even notice it. However, the excitement of the penis occurring in the daytime, can deliver a lot of inconvenience. Ways of dealing with spontaneous erection individual for every man, however, there are several issues that are common to most representatives of the stronger sex.

Regular sex. Regular sex solve the problem of lack of oxygen in the tissues of the penis, as well as the overflow of the seminal vesicles. Thus, the need for spontaneous erection disappears and the probability of its occurrence is reduced in several times.

Abstract thoughts. If spontaneous erection has already happened, the best way is to try to escape from thinking about sex, think about something else and relax. Typically, this allows you to relieve stress.

Ways of dealing with spontaneous erection

Alcohol. According to studies, the ingestion of 100 grams of vodka allows you to quickly get rid of spontaneous erections of the penis. However, we must remember that alcohol negatively affects the health of the reproductive system of men so often resort to this method is not necessary.