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The influence of beer

Some beer lovers claim that 4 liters of this drink is able to replace the woman, they forget that they can fully recapture the interest in the opposite sex. Quality beer is, of course, there are nutrients, but they do not block the action of harmful components that develop erectile dysfunction.

What's useful about the beer?

Carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is necessary for stimulation of gastric secretion and blood flow in the brain, muscle, liver, kidney and lung.

Mineral compounds. In the beer contains large amounts of potassium (in 1 l of about 30% of the daily value). But the sodium in it is quite small, so doctors are allowed to drink this beverage is high blood pressure. In the beer contains the same amount of magnesium (approximately 80 mg/l), calcium (80 mg/l) and phosphorus (approximately 140 mg/l), as well as iron, zinc and copper, such as orange juice.

Vitamins. 1 liter of beer contains about 40-60 % of the daily value of b vitamins and 70% of vitamin C. the "beer" vitamins are well absorbed.

Organic compounds. In the beer contains salt of lemon acid, prevents the formation of kidney stones. Also in the bubbly drink contains salts of oxalic, acetic, gluconic and pyruvic acids, are actively involved in the process of metabolism.

Beer is a low calorie product, most caloric ingredient – ethyl alcohol (the bottle has 400-450 kcal/l).

That is harmful to the beer?

Bitter substances and hop. These substances contribute to the increased appetite, the appearance of a beer belly and overweight. Also bitterness belong to the category of drugs that have a hypnotic and sedative effect. Drinking beer in large doses and can give a hallucinogenic effect.

The phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens called female hormones of vegetable origin. Among beer lovers in large quantities accumulate in the body and lead to hormonal disorders. This is manifested in the reduction of vegetation on the body, swelling of the mammary glands, the fat on the thighs and flanks (female type), decrease erection, decrease in sperm motility. This effect of beer on men's potency at any age is harmful.

Biogenic amines. The substances are cadaverine, histamine, putrescine and tyramine. This is the heroes of the hangover. They are considered to be putrid poisons. Headache is one of the few of their actions, the worst - kidney failure.

Ethyl alcohol. Ethyl alcohol has a devastating effect on the brain. Most fat-containing tissue in our body is the cerebral cortex. And alcohol gradually dissolves. In medicine it is called "organic brain damage". Therefore, it is important not only to know how beer affects the potency, but also remember that its excessive use leads to full degradation of the personality.