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Improving erection

The development of medicine now comes in many areas, including science does not shy away from such an important issue, as poor erection or the lack of it and its effective treatment. All the experts shared the opinion that men at any age it is important to manage his sex life. Sexual health is an integral part of the emotional condition, General health and relationships with women. Statistics assigns peak sexual activity the stronger sex the age between 20 to 30 years, then gradual decline. In addition to age-related changes there are also a number of causes of problems with potency. At this moment every representative of the stronger sex the question arises: "How to keep fit and what to do with the weakening of potency?" The science has developed many ways and means to combat erectile dysfunction and improve the potency, even without the use of drugs, which are aimed at improving the erection.

Erectile dysfunction (no erections in men) is a disruption in the functioning of the penis leading to inability to hold intercourse.

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction

To make a diagnosis "erectile dysfunction" (bad potency) is necessary to consult with your doctor. No one can do self diagnosis. This problem is only fixed if the patient complains that he lost sexual desire and erection improvement has not occurred within 3 - 6 months. If you observe the first even minor problems in the intimate sphere (the lack of or poor potency), you should immediately consult a doctor urologist-andrologist, and in his direction to attend and other professionals. After all, men weak erection is often associated with the presence of other chronic diseases: prostate, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system and other organ systems. For examination of the penis using special equipment with which the man identified defects of the penis, the conductivity of nerve impulses, the response on the part of the brain, and blood vessel tone.

In the cases when erection problems are the result of psychological problems, man can solve them or to go to a psychologist.

Methods and ways to improve erections

Below are the most popular answers to the questions "what to do with a weak erection?" and "what to do if the erection disappears during intercourse, or before it starts?".

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition helps to maintain men's health, does not disappear erection, but rather supports it at a high level. The main requirement for dietary intake, the balance on the main components. To improve the potency in the menu for each day needs to be a variety of food, vitamins and minerals. To treat the problems of erectile dysfunction (weak erection) you can consult a specialist to develop a special diet. Typically, in such diets have a separate requirement for fat content: it should be at 30% (no more and no less). This is significant due to the fact that the lipids are of great importance in the synthesis of male sex hormones. Optimum numbers of good tea and coffee. These drinks contain caffeine that support the body men in shape and has a positive influence on sexual activity. One can often hear the opinion that after drinking one Cup of tea or coffee erection increased significantly. For the prevention of erectile problems should be consumed foods and drugs that contain vitamin E: it helps to stimulate the functioning of the endocrine, muscular and reproductive systems.

A healthy lifestyle

A good erection is the consequence of a healthy lifestyle.

For most men one of the most simple yet sophisticated ways of dealing with a weak erection is to change lifestyle and habits. This path involves the observance of the three basic requirements:

  • the rejection of bad habits (with alcohol erection disappears or slows down, smokers there is an increased blood pressure, and begin to develop cardiovascular disease).
  • maintaining a normal body weight (being overweight brings you at risk for diabetes and one of its results - a bad erection).
  • the adherence of the day (for healthy sleep and rest a person requires enough time - at least 9-10 hours a day).

Weak erection is treatable when passing bath treatment, with regular contrast shower. Also a great way – the impact on the active points of the feet.

Regular sexual life

As a rule, young people less likely than middle-aged men have problems with erection (potency may disappear or be weakened). This is due to the ability of the young organism to respond more quickly to mental factors of initiation, often additional impact on the erogenous zones is not required. But regardless of age, each representative of the stronger sex should be striving for regular sex life. Moderation of sexual activity implies the exclusion of too frequent sex and change partners, as well as the rejection of prolonged abstinence. But sometimes a short interruption of sexual activity gives a significant increase potency in men and increasing desire.


Regular exercise not only helps overall health, but also to avoid the problems with erection. The most effective exercise for erection recognized squats, which have 50-100 times a day. It helps to normalize blood circulation in the pelvic area. Also, no less effective method of tension and relaxation of the muscles of the perineum. This exercise is useful because it can be performed in any position an arbitrary number of times per day. Another effective remedy for erection is the exercise of lifting the pelvis. It runs from "lying", the legs bent. You must make at 25 raising about 10 times a day. Positive results in the fight against poor erection gives and walking on the spot. When performing this exercise it is necessary to raise high the knees to the maximum height, resting them in the chest. It runs until you feel heat in the crotch area. Weak erection treated and employment in the swimming pool. Water exercises help to strengthen immunity, improve health, lead muscle tone.