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The relation of obesity and erectile dysfunction is known since the Byzantine times, where it was believed that a man with a big belly necessarily have problems in sex. According to current statistics, men with this disease are 25 times more likely to experience problems with potency than those who are not burdened with excess weight. In addition, obesity is becoming a cause reduced quality and reduce the number of sperm up to infertility.

Causes of erectile dysfunction in obesity

There are two main causes of impotence obesity.

The hormonal imbalance. In the subcutaneous fat layer actively produces female sex hormones (this is why many women to conceive a child recommend a bit better, the presence of body fat for women is physiological). At first the male body attempts to deal with their excess and begins to produce more male hormones. However, if weight is not reduced, strength is depleted and the amount of testosterone and other sex hormones men is reduced. First and foremost there is a bad erection, which enough for sexual intercourse, premature ejaculation and other problems. Subcutaneous fat is not the only source of female hormones. Isoflavones (plant estrogens) contained in beer (hops), as well as the sausages. It is the use of these products, including leads to obesity and subsequent need for treatment for erectile dysfunction.

The development of comorbidities. Obesity adversely affects all organs and systems of men. The most common associated disease is arterial hypertension and diabetes mellitus. The latter may lead to a reduction in the sensitivity of the inguinal region and the penis and dysfunction in the brain areas responsible for the erection and desire. The greatest harm men causes a combination of obesity, diabetes and hypertension, which is called metabolic syndrome.

The results of the study

According to the study, published in the official journal of the international society for sexual pathology (the Journal of Sexual Medicine), two of the three men who were obese had a reduced level of testosterone in the blood. Thus, the greater the severity of obesity, the lower the content the male hormone. Were also found significant disturbances of blood flow in the genital organs, caused by excessive body weight. While psychological problems men who are obese do not have a big influence on erection problems.